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Professional-Technical Programs

Program Approval Policy and Forms

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) is required to approve all professional-technical degree and certificate programs prior to program implementation.

In cooperation with the college system, SBCTC sets rules, procedures and guidelines for approving all proposed new professional/technical programs, curriculum modifications and program title changes.

Process and forms needed for program approval:

Zero-Credit Bearing Programs

If you have a zero-credit bearing program, you do not need to submit this program to the State Board's inventory list. However, the program may still qualify to be on the state's Eligible Training Provider List. In this case, submit that program information directly to Career Bridge for ETP-approval.

Viability Analysis

Programs should be continually reviewed for effectiveness in meeting industry training needs and fulfilling the college mission. Programs that are no longer effective should be subject to review for viability.

Factors to consider in program viability review

Program Viability Analysis


Heather Stock
Education Program Coordinator, Workforce Education

Program Advisory Committees

Each professional-technical program must have an advisory committee. Advisory committees are made up of volunteers who give their time, talent and expertise to help improve, update and strengthen the professional-technical programs they serve. Since they are “advisory” by design, the committees do not have administrative or legislative authority.

Committees usually serve specific training programs and have three main roles:

  • Advise the administration and board of trustees.
  • Assist program staff.
  • Provide support and advocacy for quality education and training.

Resources to help colleges work with advisory committees

For more information regarding program advisory committees, contact Heather Stock.

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