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Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Credit

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Credit, formerly known as Tech Prep, provides career pathways for high school students. CTE Dual Credit classes are taught at the high school or skills center and integrate academics with technical skills to help prepare students for advanced education and careers related to professional-technical occupations. All CTE Dual Credit courses offer high school and college credit for successfully completing the same class.

CTE Dual Credit Teaches Employment Skills

CTE Dual Credit is an industry and education partnership committed to providing a highly-trained and motivated workforce, prepared to pursue lifelong learning in a changing technological society.

CTE Dual Credit includes a rigorous and focused course of study that provides students with essential academic and technical foundations that prepare students with necessary workplace skills.

Under Carl Perkins Title II legislation, these courses should:

  • Lead to a professional-technical two-year degree, two-year certificate or apprenticeship.
  • Lead to employment or further education.
  • Provide technical preparation in at least one of the following fields:
    • agriculture
    • applied science
    • business
    • engineering technology
    • health
    • information technology
    • mechanical, industrial or practical arts or trades

Connect to CTE Dual Credit

  • CTE Dual Credit Consortium: Find out which colleges offer CTE Dual Credit programs. For payment inquiries or log in inquires, please contact your college consortium for assistance.
  • Statewide Enrollment and Reporting System (SERS) is the official CTE Dual Credit registration site for Washington state and includes:
    • Registration login for CTE Dual Credit students, staff, teachers, consortium members, district users and registrars.
    • Search tool to find CTE Dual Credit articulations by school district, high school, college and career clusters.


Kim Wheeler
Administrative Assistant to the Director, Workforce Education

Kathy Goebel
Policy Associate, Workforce Education

Statewide Enrollment and Reporting System

SERS is the official CTE Dual Credit registration site for Washington state.

High School Graduation Requirements

What students need to do in order to earn a high school diploma. From the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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