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Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Rules Process

Agency Rules Coordinator

Beth Gordon
Confidential Secretary to the Executive Director

Status of WAC Rules Adoption, Amendment, Repeal

WAC Citation Subject Matter Current Activity  Contact
Proposed (CR-102) or
Expedited (CR-105)
131-28 Tuition and fee charges  CR 101 filed 02/14/2014 CR 102 filed 05/19/2014 CR 103 filed 09/26/2014 John Boesenberg
131-48 High School Equivalency Certificate CR 101 filed 05/09/2013 CR 102 filed 07/08/2013 CR 103 filed 09/12/2013 Jon Kerr


How to Request a WAC Rules Change

Individuals or groups may petition a state agency or institution of higher education to adopt, amend or repeal an administrative rule.



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