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Professional Development

Each employee at every experience level in the community and technical colleges plays an important role in education, whether teaching a class, wiring a computer lab, advising students or leading the college. Employees, like the students we serve, are encouraged to be lifelong learners.

Besides commissions, councils and professional associations, college employees can get involved with one of several organizations focused on professional development for various employee types â€” classified, faculty, administrative, executive — to network, share best practices, aim for career advancement and more.

Staff Training for Community and Technical Colleges

Classified staff employees at all Washington state community and technical college are part of the Staff Training for Technical and Community Colleges (STTACC, pronounced "STACK"). This volunteer-run group focuses on classified staff development needs, organizes regional and statewide training activities, conferences and recognition.

Faculty Association of Community and Technical Colleges

Members of the Faculty Association of Community and Technical Colleges (FACTC) work to address critical system-wide instructional issues, improve teaching and learning, and enhance communication among education and policy groups focused on issues relevant to faculty. Each college in the system may have a FACTC representative.

The Community and Technical College Leadership Development Association (CTCLDA)

The Community and Technical College Leadership Development Association (formerly known as The Association) provides knowledge, experience and professional connections for administrators and exempt staff in Washington’s community and technical colleges through conferences and leadership training.  

Washington Executive Leadership Academy

Each year, a new cohort of Washington Executive Leadership Academy (WELA) develops a valuable network of colleagues and connections throughout the college system while learning communication, leadership and career skills. Most WELA participants aim to advance to a senior level administrative position, such as college vice-president or president.




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