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College Contacts for Art Institute of Seattle Students

Community and Technical College Contacts for Art Institute of Seattle Students

The colleges listed below offer programs similar to the Art Institute of Seattle are prepared to help former students figure out their next steps. Additional college contacts will be added as they are available.

Art Institute of Seattle students may also contact any other community or technical college in our system

Not sure which college to call? Contact Joe Holliday, SBCTC student services director, 360-704-4334.

More information about the Art Institute of Seattle's closure.

Plan ahead. Find out community and technical college 2019 start dates.

College Contact Email Phone
Bellevue College Michael Kaptik 425-564-2752
Cascadia College Sara Gomez Taylor 425-352-8284
Edmonds Community College Michelle Platt 425-640-1543
Everett Community College Jeanne Leader 425-388-9502

Green River College

Jamie Sterio 253-833-9111 x2556
Highline College Tammi Hilton 206-592-3976

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Casey Melnrick 425-576-5819

North Seattle College

Melissa Mixon 206-934-7791
Olympic College Timothy Hagan 360-475-7315

Peninsula College

Kari Collen 360-417-6393

Renton Technical College

Doug Medbury 425-235-2352 x5754

Seattle Central College

Gina Nakamura 206-934-3898
Seattle Central College Kyle Darling 206-934-3869
Seattle Central College Aimee Lepage  
Shoreline Community College Nancy Dick 206-546-4741

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