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State Board Goals

Our Board's Goals

The State Board endorsed six goals as their strategic priorities at their August 2018 meeting.  The goals are designed to raise educational attainment, open more doors to college education — particularly for our fast-growing adult population — and build upon our tradition of excellence. 

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The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) supports core administrative computer/software systems for all 34 community and technical colleges. A decade ago, the current legacy systems were deemed to be at risk according to an external IT infrastructure/applications study. Following a readiness assessment performed by a leading technology firm, the community and technical college system embarked on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) project to replace the 35-year-old legacy systems.

Our communities are changing rapidly and for people to succeed in life – they need higher education. A high school diploma is simply not enough for someone to land a well-paying job and live a good life. A new generation of jobs – fueled by technological and scientific advances and a global economy – demand specialized skills beyond high school. Even traditional jobs are requiring higher levels of math, analysis, problem solving and technology. Current employees need to refresh and update skills as much as college students need to learn them.

These are the reasons Washingtonians – at all ages and stages – rely on our open-door colleges to gain the skills they need, when they need them, and at an affordable level for all. This is especially true for first-generation students and students of color. However, the state’s commitment to community and technical colleges has languished at a time when our residents need more education to be successful at work and in life.

The state has not kept its bargain with the people of Washington to provide open access for all those hoping to gain certificates or degrees. The current funding levels for community and technical colleges and their students are unsustainable. Small funding adjustments will not move Washington where it needs to go. With demand for postsecondary education rising and our colleges under-funded, we need to increase investment in, and awareness of, community and technical colleges.

We are not sufficiently meeting the state’s need for a skilled labor force, nor are we on track to produce the number of credentials called for in the Washington Roadmap for higher education attainment. Enrollment in our community and technical colleges has been declining for several years. Comparisons with previous economic cycles shows that an improving economy only partially accounts for present enrollment losses.

Over a 2-year period, a Task Force will identify state level and institutional strategies to employ to build a stronger enrollment foundation system-wide, and incorporate those strategies into a Strategic Enrollment Plan. Roles for the State Board, WACTC and its Commissions/Councils, and institutions will be clearly delineated. Strategic partners will be identified and engaged in the work.

SBCTC and the college system have increasingly focused on equity and diversity efforts over the past three years. The college system serves a more diverse student body every year and efforts to close completion gaps are showing gains due to college and college system efforts.

Increasing student completions of certificates and degrees while closing completion equity gaps is a long-term objective. An increasing number of our colleges are adopting the Guided Pathways approach to accomplish this priority.

The community and technical colleges are partnering with the Governor's Task Force focused on identifying actionable and effective steps to drive awareness of a wide range of educational pathways that lead to rewarding careers for Washington's young adults. 

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