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SBCTC Staff Mission and Values

Staff Mission and Values

SBCTC's organizational strength grows out of the combined commitment to a shared mission and values as we carry out the Board’s vision.

SBCTC staff members are proud to carry out the Board’s vision using innovative and creative leadership. We experience personal and professional fulfillment, and view our success through the collective accomplishments of the system.

State Board Vision: Build strong communities, individuals and families, and achieve greater global competitiveness and prosperity for the state and its economy by raising the knowledge and skill of the state’s residents.

Our organizational strength is captured in our spirit and motivation as we commit to accomplish the vision of the Board by embracing these mission and values:


We support and empower the Washington state community and technical colleges to increase higher education opportunities and student participation through advocacy, resources, information, leadership and accountability.


Customer Service

We strive to provide the highest level of internal and external customer service through responsiveness, flexibility, reliability and accuracy.


We are honest, accountable and authentic.


We appreciate balance in our work and personal lives. We value the ability to grow, laugh and enjoy each other.


We create opportunities for staff members to use their expertise and knowledge through collaborative teamwork.


We communicate openly, ask questions, and share information transparently, broadly, candidly and skillfully.

People Matter

We value the contributions and perspectives of each diverse individual in creating a supportive, caring, positive and respectful environment.

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