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SBCTC Agency Organization and Structure

Agency Structure and Organization

The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) is governed by a nine-member, Governor-appointed board. According to statute, the Governor must provide geographic balance and give consideration to representing labor, business, women, and ethnic minorities when making the appointments. At least one member must represent business and one must represent labor. State Board members serve four-year terms.

The State Board provides general oversight of the college system, allocates state operating and capital funds and oversees policy development. It employs an executive director who is responsible for approximately 185 agency staff and supports the Board in meeting its policy objectives and goals. 

The agency provides support, coordination and oversight for the colleges through three divisions â€” Educational Services, Business Operations, Information Technology  â€” and the Executive Director's office.

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  • Coordinates and provides service to the community and technical college districts in all matters related to instruction, student services, eLearning, and policy research.
  • Builds and maintains agency partnerships with K-12, universities, and workforce development agencies on such collaborative efforts as transfer degree pathways, welfare to work, corrections education, and dual enrollment.
  • Encourages the use of community and technical colleges to meet the workforce training and retraining needs of business and industry and helps colleges quickly respond to business needs.
  • Provides research and analysis to support statewide policy development.
  • Administers adult education and literacy programs, the GED® testing process, and adult high school completion programs.
  • Manages system eLearning, open education resources, and professional development.
  • Provides day-to-day support for the Campus Solutions (student facing) pillar of the system’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) project, ctcLink.
  • Prepares a single operating and capital budget request to the Governor and legislature, representing the needs of the entire community and technical college system.
  • Administers a statewide capital project prioritization analysis.
  • Allocates funds received from the legislature to the community and technical colleges.
  • Provides general accounting services for the system.
  • Provides human resource support for the agency and system, including administration of several retirement savings programs.
  • Manages the collection, preparation, and reporting of two-year college enrollment information to state and federal agencies and the college system.
  • Provides general State Board office management functions, including budgeting, purchasing and mailroom services.
  • Provides day-to-day support for the finance and human capital management pillars of the system’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) project, ctcLink.
  • Provides all colleges with centralized IT services for student, financial, and HR/payroll business functions.
  • Provides integration services for student, financial, and HR/payroll systems to external agencies.
  • Manages implementation of the system's enterprise resource planning (ERP) project, ctcLink.
  • Provides centralized reporting services for college information to state and federal agencies.
  • Coordinates all activities necessary for integration between the college campuses and the centralized IT functions.
  • Encourages IT best practices throughout the community and technical college system.
  • Manages enterprise IT contracting for the system.

The executive director’s office includes the following:

  • Assists in developing the policy agenda for the State Board review and action.
  • Coordinates with the nine-member State Board and system stakeholders.
  • Manages legislative and state agency relations.
  • Manages messaging, communications, media relations and the website.
  • Coordinates activities of the Washington State Association of College Trustees (ACT), the statewide trustees’ association for the system.
  • Coordinates activities of the Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC), which is the statewide presidents' association.
  • Executive sponsor of the ctcLink ERP project.

Staff Mission and Values

SBCTC's organizational strength grows out of the combined commitment to shared mission and values as we carry out the Board’s vision.

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