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SBCTC Policy Manual
Chapter 7: Public Information and Public Records

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This chapter contains policies related to public information, public records and printing of the SBCTC and the state’s two-year college system. Links are provided in the respective policy statements to RCWs, WACs, procedures and guidelines that are relative to that particular policy.

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and the community and technical college districts are agencies of the State of Washington. As such, they subscribe to the principle of the public's right to know, and of full disclosure of official actions. News media, which gather and disseminate information in the public behalf, are entitled to full and candid answers to their questions.

Policy history

Action Description Revision Date
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 09/19/2002

All written and electronically-processed records prepared by the State Board and the state’s community and technical college districts shall be available for public inspection with limited exceptions, i.e., student information/records, personnel records, surveys of personal opinions, etc. (see WAC 131-276; SBCTC Policy Manual, Chapter 7 Appendix A: Guidelines for Accessing Public Records).

Policy history

Action Description Revision Date
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 09/19/2002

In keeping with the Washington Association of Community and Technical System General Records Retention Schedule and Records Management Manual, the SBCTC requires that colleges:

Follow the Community and Technical Colleges Records Retention Schedule Version 2.0, revised February 2020 for records specific to community and technical colleges. Follow the State Government General Records Retention Schedule Version 6.0, revised June 2016 for the orderly disposition and maintenance of all other records (see RCW 40.14).

Seek approval from the SBCTC and the State Records Committee for any new items added to or deleted from a Records Category, and/or changes to a Records Series number, title, location, retention period, or special instructions.

Policy history

Action Description Revision Date
State Records Committee approval Community and Technical College Records Retention Schedule 02/05/2020
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 09/19/2002

Community and technical colleges:

  • Are authorized to provide course and enrollment information to the citizens in their respective districts.
  • May not do mass distribution of or disseminate unsolicited course and enrollment information outside district boundaries except as provided by WAC 131-32-040.

Policy history

Action Description Revision Date
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 09/19/2002

The SBCTC, community and technical colleges and college districts may print publications—defined as catalogs, bulletins, newsletters, brochures, handbooks, posters, multimedia material and other types of published material (see RCW 43.78).

  • In their own printing facilities, by contracting with local printers, or through the services of the state printer.
  • Using private sources when the printing and related work is more economical or efficient than through the state printer.

Policy history

Action Description Revision Date
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 09/19/2002

Reasonable restrictions may be imposed on the exercise of the right to inspect public records. The right does not extend to taking possession of the records, or monopolizing them to the extent of undue interference in the operations of the office or the exercise of the right by others.

Persons desiring to inspect public records must have a legitimate interest in the record. Generally, interest as a taxpayer and citizen is sufficient.

In the broadest sense, the following qualify as public records. This should not be considered complete, but rather a guideline to the type of document that should be available for public inspection.

  • Bylaws and seal of the state and district boards.
  • Delegations of authorities of boards.
  • State Board and district rules, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • College district budgets and the single capital and operating budgets for the state system.
  • Reports submitted to the State Board by other agencies pursuant to law.
  • The minutes of state and district board meetings.
  • All agency records reflecting financial transactions, including public employee salaries.
  • Records of data required of the State Board by governing agencies pursuant to rules adopted at the direction of the legislature, i.e., administrative orders adopting rules under the Administrative Procedures Act that are required by the Code Reviser in WAC 1-21.
  • Reports and official correspondence of the State Board and the college districts to the Legislature and other public agencies.
  • Reports by the State Board and college districts regarding enrollment, collective student data (not including confidential personal information), educational outcomes and the overall performance of the statewide system or individual colleges.
  • The State Board reserves the right to impose a nominal charge for the reproduction of any records when persons who make requests for public records seek copies.


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